Monday, November 28, 2022

Photos of the partial solar eclipse you missed Tuesday morning

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People in certain regions across the globe were able to look up at the sky Tuesday morning and witness a mesmerizing cosmic event.

Canadians could not see the partial solar eclipse form, but parts of the world took in a breathtaking sight as the Sun, Moon and Earth almost aligned. Europe, northeastern Africa, the Middle East and Asia were able to experience the partial eclipse.

The effect of a partial solar eclipse leaves a chunk of our view of the Sun blocked by the Moon.

The next eclipse event, a full lunar eclipse, comes Nov. 8 during the next full moon. At this time, Earth will be between the Sun and the Moon, causing our planet to cast a shadow on the Moon and give it a reddish, coppery colour. This is also known as a “Blood Moon.”

Canadians will be able to witness this event at 6:02 a.m. EST on that day.

Tuesday’s photos of the partial solar eclipse as seen from India, Lebanon and Nepal, show fiery orange light cascading down, forming silhouette photos.

Below you can click through some of the photos.

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